Keep 100%! No Transaction or Monthly Fees!

Not an app. No dongle required. No privacy invasive parent/student portals used.

For Fundraising Organizations

For Churches

Supporters will enter your Organization ID at using their own computers or mobile devices.

Supporters input what their payment or donation is for, and may enter a person/student they are supporting, or a specific cause.

Once a payment is submitted, supporters receive an email receipt with your contact information. If an order form is used, supporters will write their payment authorization code on the order form.

After a supporter submits their payment, ProPay will sweep funds from the credit card payment through PayThankYou into your dedicated ProPay account. From your ProPay account, you can transfer those funds into your checking account.

Our online reports make handling money easier. No small coins or checks to handle. Watch your support and payments grow.

Sounds great, but how much does this cost?

Just $5 a year and $0.10 every time you transfer a portion or all of your funds from ProPay into your bank account. Click here for more info.

Have an outstanding question? Read FAQs or send us a message.

"What a great fundraising idea for our PTO. Our parents shared our order forms with the PayThankYou information and collected over $1,500 in credit card payments from their friends. One reason we were able to increase our sale over $4,000."
-Stephanie D, PTO President

As a parent, I appreciated that I did not have to sign up to make a payment. All I had to do was input my school’s ID. The last thing I need is another username or password to remember."
-David S, PTA Supporter

"Using PayThankYou for our cookie dough fundraiser was easy. An order form in our account profile was printed with our school name and Organization ID. We decided to use PayThankYou for our spirit wear sales, too, and made a custom order form this time."
-Tracie G, PTA Treasurer

"Making a payment is fast and easy!"
-Mary C, PTO Supporter

"Registering our PTA took less than 15 minutes, and we were approved the same day. This took over 2 weeks with another service."
-Michelle K, PTSA President

"Only $5 a year with no transaction or monthly fees! This made it an easy decision for our board to use PayThankYou for our fundraising collections and membership fees."
-Nicole R, Parent Support Group

"My order was lost, but fortunately, I paid through PayThankYou and wrote in the memo what I ordered. Called the school, and my products were delivered in a few short days."
-Stacie S, PTO Supporter