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PayThankYou has partnered with ProPay to process your credit card transactions. ProPay uses ProtectPay® which encrypts sensitive data from the point of entry.

PayThankYou does not store your credit card information. Your nonprofit never receives your credit card information. Learn more about ProtectPay

We will email you a receipt shortly after your purchase or donation to the email address you provided during checkout. It will be similar to this email example.

email subject line: RECEIPT for supporting ABC PTA

Thank you for supporting Bobbi Jones and ABC PTA 111 Main, Anywhere USA. Your payment was processed on Oct. 1, 2015 at 4:50 pm. Your authentication code is: xxxxxx

Total Purchase or Donation: $26.00

Service Fee: $ 1.82

Total Paid: $27.82

This amount, $27.82, will show on your credit card statement paid to “ABC PTA, 555-555-5555”.

$26 will be submitted to ABC PTA. The Service Fee is paid to PayThankYou.

If you have made a payment for a product not yet received, you have agreed this is an “advanced payment” for future delivery. Approximate delivery date should have been provided to you from the nonprofit or nonprofit member. If you have purchased a subscription, of any kind, for future delivery, you may receive a voucher that you will need to fill out and send in. Subscriptions or personalized products can take up to 3 months to receive depending on the publisher or product.

Your support helps ABC PTA provide services and programs for students/members. Thank you for your support. If you have any questions in regards to your purchase or donation, please contact ABC PTA at ABCelementary@abcpta.com or call Jane Doe at 555.555.5555.

MEMO TO SELF: I purchased item # 1012, 1014 and 2017. Delivery expected in 4 weeks.

If this charge is not valid, you must contact ABC PTA immediately. Please contact PayThankYou at support@PayThankYou.com and let us know.

Do not resubmit your payment until you check your credit card statement to see if you have a pending charge from your nonprofit. If you do, check your spam folder. If it is not there, did you provide a different email address during checkout? If you still cannot find your receipt, contact your nonprofit to confirm they have received your payment. Contact us at support@paythankyou.com. Please provide your name, email account you thought you used, the name of your nonprofit, the date you made a payment and the amount.

Sometimes product delivery for a fundraiser takes longer than expected. Please contact the nonprofit you supported for further information. The contact information was provided to you in your email receipt.

Thank you for paying the service fee. Because you pay the service fee, we can provide the PayThankYou service to your nonprofit free of charge and your nonprofit will receive your full donation or purchase amount.

The service fee covers our cost of providing the service, which may include, but not limited to: monthly service fees, PCI compliance fees, SSL certificate fees; site, software, security, and server maintenance and upgrades; PayThankYou employee payroll, programmers, accounting, legal and all other expenses incurred to run and maintain our company.

The service fee will depend on the amount you donate or purchase. The service fee amount will show on your screen after you put in your donation or purchase amount. It is not assessed by your nonprofit and is paid to PayThankYou.

The tax consequences of making a donation or purchasing a product will depend on your particular tax circumstances. Please contact your accountant or tax advisor for advice in regards to your donation or payment.

Each organization receives a unique ID after signing up. When your members sell products or take donations to support your organization, supporters go to www.paythankyou.com from their own personal device and input your ID. This shows your organization on their device, they input a student name, if applicable, and complete the payment process.

After the payment authentication code is revealed, the customer will put the code on the order/collection form, if applicable, and write “Paid with a card” under his/her name. Your organization can access reports through PayThankYou that show the payment information including member’s name (if applicable), supporter’s name, supporter’s email and payment amount. You will not receive credit card information in regards to the payment to help your organization meet PCI DSS compliance. Credit card information is handled by ProPay through its ProtectPay program.

ProPay has partnered with PayThankYou to provide merchant account services for our clients. Through ProPay your supporters are able to pay with a Visa or MC. ProPay provides secure credit card processing and electronic payment services for businesses ranging from small, home-based entrepreneurs, to multi-billion-dollar enterprises. Learn more about ProPay, https://www.propay.com/en-US/about.

Absolutely. Paying with a credit card is a familiar process for your customers.

For you, setting up your account is straightforward. Downloading a report from your account to verify payment from your customers for each student on a daily basis or at the end of your campaign is definitely easy. If you stay with the old way of taking payments, you are: 1) verifying names and orders for each student, 2) counting coins, cash and checks from each customer for each student, 3) logging the payment for each customer per student into an accounting program or spreadsheet, 4) putting student names into memo fields on customers’ checks in case there is a problem with the check, and 4) driving the money to your bank to deposit the funds into your account.

PayThankYou has partnered with ProPay to process your credit card transactions. ProPay uses ProtectPay which encrypts sensitive data from the point of entry, whether online or in-person, so that your organization never has to store, process, or transmit cardholder data.
Learn more about ProtectPay

Using PayThankYou and Receiving Payments

Yes! Many supporters do not carry cash or much cash. Giving your supporters a chance to easily pay with a credit card will enable them to increase their donation. Supporters will feel comfortable knowing their pledge or donation will not be accidently lost or stolen. Your supporters receive your contact information in an email receipt. If they decide later to donate more, they can.

Yes. Sign in to your account and click on “Cancel our Service”. Follow the directions. Once you approve the cancellation, supporters will no longer be able to donate to or purchase products through your organization using PayThankYou.

You will need to cancel your ProPay account through ProPay, as well, by calling Customer Support at 866-573-0951. You will be able to receive any funds processed through your account before the cancellation. Your organization will still be responsible for any chargebacks that may occur or refund requests from your supporters.

ProPay puts approved funds from credit card payments into your ProPay account. You can log into your ProPay account at any time and request a transfer of funds into your organization’s account, if you have funds available.

Yes. When using our platform for different events, such as a fundraiser and membership dues, you will need to separate those payments for each event out of the reports you receive for your own accounting purposes. Our reports will show a column that states if the payment is made for apparel, a product, a donation, a thon, or other, such as membership dues.

Yes, your Organization ID stays the same no matter how many fundraisers you run.

Your supporters can use Visa and MasterCard debit or credit.

If your supporter overpays or underpays, it will be your organization’s responsibility to either credit your supporter for the overpayment, or collect from your supporter the balance due. PayThankYou cannot resubmit another payment or process a refund for the supporter.

Organizations Who Can Use PayThankYou

Working with these organizations fulfills part of our mission statement: “PayThankYou believes helping organizations that benefit students now, will provide a better future for the students tomorrow.” Helping support the leaders and volunteers that help educate and provide support to each generation is a passion of ours. Each generation of students that sees parents and individuals volunteering their time to support them, sees the importance and value to volunteer their time for others.

Working with these organizations is also a security measure to assure that PayThankYou works with legitimate organizations that can be verified. During the sign up process, it is important that you give accurate information for your organization. If we cannot verify your organization, you will not be able to use the PayThankYou program.

It’s possible. If you are with a recognized nonprofit, email us at support@paythankyou.com and provide us with your organization information and the reason you would like to use our program. Please provide contact information.

Yes. In fact, this is the only way an activity account can be set up to use PayThankYou. This requires a district account administrator that has the authority to set up these accounts. You can set up as may accounts you have, for example, band, FFA, cheerleaders, football, basketball, STUCO, and so on. Funds from all the accounts set up would be transferred into your district general fund account and you would pay each individual activity account according to your current policy.

If the group you sponsor has an account separate from the district general funds account, you would set up your account under A PTA/PTO or Parent Organization during account setup.

Yes. You must use a different ”Organization Admin Email” address for each organization.

The current account administrator will login to his/her PayThankYou profile and change any information to update the information to the new account administrator. The current account administrator will also need to login into your ProPay account and make the necessary changes. If the current administrator does not update the information, you may create a new account with the new administrator information.

Signing Up

We will need accurate information identifying your organization: name, address, IRS/State Non-Profit Designation form or Sales Tax Exemption Letter, TIN (tax identification number), and bank information. We will also need social security number (SSN) and contact information for the individual responsible for the account.

If you are an approved PayThankYou client, and your information is accurate, it should take less than 72 hours to receive emails from ProPay and PayThankYou showing you have been approved. If your relationship with PayThankYou is terminated, you will need to terminate your ProPay account by calling Customer Support at 866-573-0951.

For your security, the SSN and bank information is not kept by PayThankYou and is encrypted before being sent to ProPay.

ProPay is required to validate the identity of an administrator of the account in order to be compliant with federal laws and for security reasons. This will not affect the credit score of the applicant.

This is determined by the bylaws of your organization or as established by your school district. If you are not sure, check with your organization president or the district administrator, such as a principal or superintendent.


PayThankYou services are free to your organization.

ProPay has minimal fees listed below. ProPay will automatically deduct the refund transaction fee, transfer to bank fee, and chargeback fee from your ProPay account. The $5 annual fee must be paid by your organization to ProPay. Failure to pay the annual fee will result in the suspension of your organization’s right to use ProPay and PayThankYou Services.

 Annual Fee $5.00
 Refund Transaction Fee (if a refund occurs) $0.10
 Transfer to Bank $0.10
 Chargeback Fee (if a chargeback occurs) $25.00

When your supporters make a payment or donation, they will pay a SERVICE FEE. This amount is shown on your supporter’s payment screen and you will see it in your reports from ProPay and PayThankYou.

ProPay sends the full Purchase/Donation Amount to your ProPay account. For example, a supporter makes a $10 purchase. The service fee is $.70 (seventy cents). ProPay will put the $10 into your ProPay account.

PayThankYou receives a portion of the service fee to help cover our cost of providing the service, which may include, but not limited to: monthly service fees, PCI compliance fees, SSL certificate fees; site, software, security, and server maintenance and upgrades; PayThankYou employee payroll, programmers, accounting, legal, and all other expenses incurred to run and maintain our company. The service fee is nonrefundable.

A chargeback occurs when a cardholder disputes a charge on his or her credit card, and the card issuing bank, not ProPay, reverses the transaction. The money is removed from your ProPay Account and is credited back to the cardholder. As the merchant, you are given the opportunity to issue a formal rebuttal to the chargeback by providing any documentation that supports the original transaction. The card issuing bank then has 60 days to review the documentation and decide whether or not to honor the original transaction. If it is decided that it was a valid transaction the funds are returned to your ProPay Account, otherwise they remain in the cardholder’s account.

If a chargeback is issued against one of your transactions, ProPay's Risk Management Department will contact you by email with details on how to start the formal rebuttal process of the chargeback.

You should expect few, if any. Information shows the national chargeback rate for keyed in payments in your payment range is approximately 0.3%. If you have 1000 transactions, this would be 3 or less. Since you are a non-profit, your number should even be less. But, as in all situations, your individual circumstances could be different.

According to credit card regulations, cardholders should not request a chargeback unless it is for one of the following reasons:

  • The buyer never received the item(s) he or she purchased.
  • The item(s) he or she purchased was damaged when it arrived.
  • The item(s) originally listed was different than the item(s) he or she received.
  • The cardholder did not give authorization to the seller to charge the credit card.

The best way to avoid a chargeback is to make sure products are delivered and services are satisfactory.

We provide your contact information to your supporters in their email receipt. If your supporter has a problem with a purchase or a donation, he/she will most likely contact you to resolve the problem before contacting his/her credit card company. This gives you a chance to resolve the problem before it becomes a chargeback.

By looking at your reports, you can search for the supporter that initiated the chargeback and quickly find who took the donation or sold the item(s) to the supporter, the date and time of donation or purchase, and payment amount. This makes it much easier for you to contact all those involved to settle the issue. You can check the order form for information you may need such as a phone number and item description(s).

ProPay will assist you in resolving the chargeback. They will provide you information about this process after contacting you about the chargeback.

If you receive a chargeback, the purchase amount paid by your supporter is removed from your ProPay Account and is credited back to the cardholder. In addition, your account will be charged a $25 chargeback fee. You will also be responsible for the Service Fee paid by the supporter.

Example: A supporter requests a chargeback for a $10 product purchase. They paid $10.70 with the SERVICE FEE. $10.70 will be removed from your account and credited back to your cardholder. In addition, a $25 chargeback fee will be deducted from your account.

The chargeback fee is nonrefundable even if the chargeback is reversed, since this fee has paid for the service and the time to handle the chargeback dispute. Neither PayThankYou nor ProPay are responsible for chargebacks. However, if you do succeed in disputing a chargeback you may request that the customer reimburse your chargeback fee. We are just service providers assisting you in the process.

Providing Information to Supporters and Email

The best way to share the information with your supporters is to have the Visa/MasterCard logos printed on the collection/order form with your PayThankYou organization ID. Everyone will see the collection/order form, so they will understand how to use their credit card right away. Under your PayThankYou account, you have an option to print a collection form or labels. You can print these to meet your fundraising needs.

You may use your supporters’ emails for customer service issues only, unless they have checked the box where they give you permission to use their email for promotional purposes. You can find if you have this permission in your PayThankYou report under the heading “Marketing Opt In”. If this column does not have a “Yes” in the box for a supporter, you may send a supporter an email for customer service in regards to their purchase or donation only.